Bagpipes at     Weddings

Little can compare to the Majestic entrance of a Bride the sound of the pipes.  Whether solo or with accompanyment  from pipe organ or other instruments.



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 Memorials     &  Funerals

The haunting sound of the pipes at a somber graveside is both a memorable and moving experience.






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 Special             Occasions

From clan(family) gatherings, birthdays, graduations, holiday parties, anniversaries to religious services,

the pipes add that special touch.




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Fàilte to!

 Whether you're planning a Wedding, Memorial/Funeral or other Special Occasion, it would be my pleasure to help with your Bagpiping needs.  I

can arrange for a solo piper, piper with drummer or a full bagpipe band.


 Take a look at my site and at your convenience, contact me to discuss

any piping needs you may have.  I am a traditional Scottish Bagpiper in

the Middle Tennessee area with over 20+ years of playing experience.

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